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Published September 13, 2012 by kristineknowlton

Yesterday I received an amazing email from SSG Joseph Hammell.  He told me never to change, never stop believing in myself and never let anyone put down my self esteem.  He commented me on my talents, resume and photos saying that I am a very talented person.  I have to agree with everything he wrote.  I am sending him an autographed photo as he requested.  I really respect him as a retired officer of the army.  He has the courage and stability to fight for our countries freedom.  I salute him and our troops.


Please Vote!

Published September 4, 2012 by kristineknowlton

Please check out my audition for the role of “ASHLEIGH” for the iBetween Movie Contest.  Be sure to like it and share it! Thank you!

New Fan!

Published July 25, 2012 by kristineknowlton

I am so happy right now and it’s all because of Chalet Lizette Brannan who I will be working with in the next few months.

I just had to share this because it truly made my day: http://www.stage32.com/post/414142959714315035

Chalet Lizette Brannan
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“I want to grow up just like Kristine, well, with my own sets of rules,, but, she is soooo cool!”

Catching up in July!

Published July 17, 2012 by kristineknowlton

Now that the NJ Renaissance Faire is done, it’s time to play catch up with everyone and everything.

I have been a busy bee writing articles for the Examiner as of lately with concerts in Atlantic City and the freak storm that had knocked out power over the past couple of weeks.  Check me out: Kristine Knowlton’s Examiner

Also, if you have not checked it out, the finished version of the latest film I was in, “Reflection” by Trick-or-Treat Films:

Working on a Zombie Comedy series right now.  Principle shooting begins this August 6th!  There should be a preview this week.  Anyone looking to play a Zombie on August 6th, please send an email to ZombieTV666@gmail.com.

Check out my new design website with a huge portfolio and is revamped: Krissie-Lyn Designs.

The NJ Renaissance Faire!

Published June 7, 2012 by kristineknowlton

This weekend is closing weekend for the NJ Renaissance Faire. I will be missing it and everyone involved not just including cast, but vendors and most of all our patrons. I have learned so much and wish the Faire in NJ could last all year. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

I had and am having an amazing time camping out at Liberty Lake. Survived storms and heat and one amazing hill. I will never forget about Tentzilla when then became known as Tentception. All the tents also seemed to have a bit of Narnia inside as they seemed to hold more then anyone could imagine.

I’m glad I got to work with an amazing group of people and hope to again somewhere in the future. It was also great seeing people again like Stacy and Tim and pretty much all the wonderful faces I grew up with and know from the PA Renaissance Faire.

I’ve had nothing but good times this season.

Here’s too another wonderful weekend! I’m hoping it will double the amount of patrons. It would be great to break a record this year by entertaining so many people.

Please come join us and play on the streets of the Shire! http://njrenfaire.com/

Kristine Knowlton
aka Angela Soot – Blacksmith “May the Forge be with you!”

West Windsor and “Mortal” Shoot

Published May 22, 2012 by kristineknowlton

This weekend was definitely amazing out at the West Windsor Renaissance Faire where I got to perform as my character, Angela Soot the Blacksmith from town of Crossford (NJ Renaissance Faire).  There were so many smiling faces and a good crowd to boot!  I know the Lion’s Club took in a great amount and I cannot wait until the Faire returns there next year.

As for me, Angela, I met a wonderful little girl named Lilly.  I did to call her princess Lilly and entertained her with a story every time we did to pass in West Windsor.  She loved the short stories, all the music and seeing the jousts.  She also enjoyed my stories of ladybugs, unicorns and rainbows.

Angela Soot is really developing and coming along.  When I was greeting people and introducing myself and I have to use this quote from a patron, “A female blacksmith – I like this!”  It is different and I’m proud to be Angela Soot, Blacksmith.

The cast was amazing and we all came together nicely and filled the streets and entertained.  We all blended nicely between the West Windsor Renaissance Faire Cast, the cast of the NJ Renaissance Faire and all of the wonderful independent acts that were also there.  I enjoyed seeing and working with new people as well as catching up with dear friends.

Sunday’s shoot of “Mortal” was also amazing!  I love how everyone came together, on time or earlier and we were all set to go.  It was nice working with Selah, Kate and Kevin for the first time and it was great seeing everyone else again from the shoot we did back in 2010.  The movie will rock once it’s complete and will put real Vampire movies back on the map.  No sparkling here!  I had fun doing some creepy makeup.  Selah is also really good with makeup and did Kate’s which made her look like Julie Christie.  Everyone there was amazing!  I love working with Kat because she is well organized, everyone who works with her does an amazing job and we all help one another.  Photos coming soon!

May News

Published May 9, 2012 by kristineknowlton

Just getting ready to do the Smithville Renaissance Faire with the cast of the NJ Renaissance Faire this Saturday on May 12th in the Historic Town of Smithville.  I photographed the event last year and cannot be more happy being part of cast.  It seems like yesterday I had just auditioned.  I’m very happy with my role of Angela Soot – Blacksmith.  I think I still sound too formal in speaking and need to tone it down to the more poor level.

I will continue practicing martial arts with the Kali sticks and sword fighting with the rapier.  I have a great partner and we’re thinking of writing our own renaissance faire based show.  Not too much to tell on that note at the moment, but will have details later.

May 20th I will be out at the West Windsor Renaissance Faire as Angela Soot – Blacksmith with the NJ Renaissance Faire.  Then onto filming another piece of Kat Lehmer’s “Mortal” up in Philly the same day.

“Reflection” will be done soon.  I am so proud of myself as editor.  The audio didn’t come out too bad at all and we just need to fix one spot then the music will be added.  Once the music starts to be added, I will get us up on IMDb.  Then onto the next project which I will need to get more SPFX artists who can do Zombies real well.  We don’t have a budget, but I can supply the supplies and we are looking for unique Zombies and nothing like “Walking Dead” or any other zombies that are out today.  We want our own breed.  So If anyone is interested, please contact me at kristine@kristineknowlton.com

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